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Puppy Training - 2 Simple Steps For Success

Puppy training is undoubtedly one of the most challenging but essential activities that a responsible pet owner has to undertake. Dog training is primarily the application of behaviour analysis that employs the various external events of past antecedents and outcomes to influence the dog's behaviour, either for it to undertake certain tasks or more importantly to achieve a desired outcome. This is the most important activity a responsible pet owner has to undertake today as a result of the increasing occurrence of pet crimes, thefts, neglect and other unwanted nuisances taking place all around the world. If a pet owner is able to effectively implement behaviour modification techniques in his or her own home then there is a greater chance of effectively preventing a pet from experiencing these upsetting events. This in turn would ensure that your pet remains free from undesirable outcomes such as behavioral unpredictability, discomfort, and emotional disturbance.

Many first time dog owners and subsequent new puppy owners find themselves unsure as to what is the proper and effective approach that they should take towards training their dogs. It is quite obvious that the majority of owners will choose a crate-based system to home train their puppies rather than the conventional pack discipline system. In fact, there are a number of people who advocate for "box" style, collars/ Leash training methods to home train their dogs. Nonetheless, with the vast number of dog trainers emerging nowadays, the correct way to home train a dog may not be as apparent as one would initially think. That is why it is important for a dog trainer to be well equipped and knowledgeable about the correct and more effective methods of behaviour analysis and Puppy training. Read this article for more info!

The very basic and essential first step that any good Puppy training program must address is to teach your puppy to get started by using a simple command such as "Start". This simple command will allow your puppy to get started immediately. It will also help you to establish the desired response that you want your puppy to exhibit. For example, if I wanted my puppy to sit, I would simply say "Sit" in a firm voice while my puppy did his or her thing. After a few tries, he or she would sit down. Be sure to view here for more details!

This process should become second nature to you and your puppies as soon as you get started training your new puppy. Remember that you have created an environment in which your new puppy is going to have to learn to get started training. It is not a very difficult task if you remember these basic principles. Also, it is best if you do not make your puppy wait too long before he or she can start training.Know more about pets at

A second step that you should consider following is to teach your puppy to associate a command phrase with certain actions. For example, you could use the command phrase "Sit" and then I would put my hand up in the air as if I was about to sit myself. I would repeat the command phrase several times, with the final "sit" being followed by my hand being in the air. After several times of doing this, your puppy would understand that if he or she follows the command phrase when the hand is in the air, it would result in sitting down. The most important thing to remember here is that the more often you repeat the command phrase, the more your puppy will connect the action with the word or phrase and that will translate into the desired behavior on its own.

Another easy way to get started with training your new puppy is to reward him or her immediately after successful completion of a task. The reward can be anything that your puppy finds desirable, but it should always be a high value item. For example, the first time I took my dog outside, I used treats and high-value toys. When we got inside, I used a leash and treats only. Thus, when the house was clean I rewarded my puppy with his favorite food held high in the air.

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